I Love You With All My Heart & Soul

‘Oh hun, you mean everything to me. You are my everything. I love you like alot alot. Tons and bunches. To infinity..and beyond (; Always. For eternity. Youre the love of my life. We’re getting married, you already asked me. We have everything planned. You want to go get tattoos together, i about died of happiness when you said that. We already have them picked out. Im sorry that i took a break for you, im sorry i out you through that and that you were scared of what was going to happen. I know that we’re facing some challenges involving my parents. You said you’d endure anything and that in a year, you’ll get me out of that house. To move into you. Im glad that we’re able to talk about our problems in our relationship and that we were able to fix them. I can already tell that you’re trying to fix what you did. Honestly, I really do love you more than i did before…trust me thats a lot deary. We’re going to get through this..i know it. You said it yourself. Youre my everything..i love you and need you. Hun…you told me….we’re getting married. I Love You <3'

~Vishal's Girl


I Love You With All My Heart & Soul


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